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Let’s Build a Pool with
Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC!

Building a swimming pool is different than any other form of construction. It is an art form that starts with your dream and then takes shape when you work with your exclusive in-house designer. Your design team has the additional benefit of field experience. None of our designers simply sit in a cubical. Our company stands out because we not only build pools and spas, but service them as well so we know, in real time, what works well and what does not.
With our execution and attention to detail leading the industry, you will find nobody better and we incorporate the latest technology to exceed your expectations.
Seeing the steps to build your new swimming pool will help you understand how pool contractors work and also appreciate the need for a quality-minded pool company that is family owned and operated and has been building high quality and unique swimming pools for two decades. Our experienced craftspeople take pride in their work, have the expertise to do it well and stand fully behind it.
At Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC you receive personal attention from all team members throughout every step of the process. We make certain that our clients are up to date with every step to ensure that your vision is being executed according to the plan. We handle every detail of your project.
We begin the construction process with only the best materials and cutting-edge technology the industry has to offer. We never use knock off or off-brand products. As a leading pool and spa contractor in Arizona, we can create the pool and spa of your dreams for a very competitive price. Our design team can incorporate any element you’d like into your pool area, and our construction crew is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.
Step 1 – Initial Consultation
Untitled design (6)

This visit is usually conducted in the comfort of your own home. This is when your wish list actually begins to take form and put on paper. After this initial phase is completed, we will all go out to the back yard and start to determine the best location for your new family oasis! Many factors come
into play that you probably never even thought of, but that’s why we are one of the leading new pool builders in the valley and it’s our job to make things work as smoothly as possible.

Step 2 – Site Visit

Once that initial site assessment of your property is complete, we head back to the office and use aerial imagery to gather all the essential information about your property such as property lines and topographical elevations. Once completed, we can determine where the equipment will be located, how we will access the backyard with our equipment and if there is anything in the way of construction. You will then be able to see the actual design of your pool as it starts to take shape!

Step 3 –Design

Using the information provided during your initial meeting along with the pictures, aerial information and measurements of your property, your design consultant will put together a detailed computerized rendering of your dream pool using the latest technology. Once you are completely
satisfied with the design of your backyard oasis an accurate quote will be provided. Keep in mind, you may make changes as the project moves forward, so nothing is “set in stone.”

Step 4 – Materials

After all the details have been discussed, it is time to pick colors/materials for your new Perfect Pool! Tile, travertine, interior colors! In regard to tiles, we have the ability to produce a custom design for you as well! “24 carat gold anyone??”

Step 5 – Permitting

While you are busy selecting colors and materials, we will begin the permitting process!
Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC handles all the permitting for you! Your permit paperwork
is submitted to the proper municipal office for permit review.

Step 6 – Irrigation and Landscaping
Prior to the start of construction, it is your responsibility to have your irrigation capped. We suggest having your irrigation capped immediately after signing your pool agreement. As would be expected, any irrigation in the area of the pool excavation will not fare well.
Step 7 – Pool Layout
Our layout crew will mark the perimeter of your pool with stakes, wood forms and string lines. This step is done in preparation for digging the pool. It is very important and must be done accurately, which is why Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC has a team that specializes in the layout process. Once the pool has been excavated, the framing helps secure the reinforcing steel for the shell and helps set the final elevation of your swimming pool.
Step 8 – Dig
Once the pool is laid out, our crew will begin excavating your new pool. Our standard pools are 3’ – 6’ deep but can be customized to any depth you desire. This excavation is an exciting time for the family. Everyone loves big machinery, and you will be able to watch your backyard take the shape of your new swimming pool right before your eyes. Our professionals make it look easy, but it takes a lot of time and experience along with a lot of hard work to gain the knowledge and ability to do what they do.
Step 9 – Forms

This is when the elevation of your new pool is set. The step is very important and will affect every step along the way if done incorrectly. Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC crews will be onsite with their lasers triple checking everything to make sure the elevation is set properly and is level.

Step 10 – Steel

All of our pool plans are sent to an engineering firm to get the exact amount, size and location of the rebar that will go into your pool. Once the forms are set for proper elevations and the rebar phase is completed, we bring in the plumbers.

Step 11 – Plumbing

Plumbing is an important part of installing a pool. It can be fairly simple or can get complicated (as you can see in this picture) depending on the features you have chosen. We have done it all. The plumbing crew uses a minimum of 2” schedule 40 PVC non-corrosive piping. The pipes run from your new pool to your new pool equipment and are pressurized to be sure there are no leaks and to pass all inspections.

Step 12 – Electrical

Most of us don't think about electricity when we think about swimming pools, but the electrician is the unsung hero. Many of the amazing, beautiful, and relaxing features of your pool and spa require power. The electrician connects everything we have installed to the power source, making it all work beautifully.

Step 13 – Gunite

Gunite is a type of concrete that we use to create the shell. Experienced craftspeople use considerable strength to lift the hose filled with pressurized concrete and guide it to the place where the concrete needs to be. It is amazing to watch the craftspeople sculpt the concrete into the shape of your pool and other features you have chosen.

Step 14 – Coping & Tile

Laying the tile requires detailed orientation, skill and focus. The tile setter is a craftsperson as well as an artist. Each area of the pool is lasered to measure the precise levels for the installation. There is no guesswork! Tile is one of the details of a pool that often catches the eye and imagination.

Step 15 – Decking

During the rough decking stage, the pitch of the deck area is set.

Step 16 – Pool Equipment

Your new pool equipment will be set on fiberglass reinforced pads. These pads do not crack as do the concrete pads with rebar. All of our equipment is labeled for your convenience.

Step 17 – Pool Covers

One of the best ways to keep pool service efforts to a minimum and should you desire to heat your pool in the winter and wish to maintain that heat for as long as possible is to add a motorized pool cover. Each cover is customized for your pool and is available in a choice of colors! Simply one push of the button!

Step 18 – Safety Features

State code requires installation of a safety fence with self-closing doors. These are available in fabric material or metal. Perfect Pools of Arizona takes responsibility to make sure the safety device you choose is installed properly and passes inspection. Additionally, alarms may be required to be on all doors and windows exiting from the home to the enclosed pool area or a safety fence can be installed depending on the requirements of your county.

Step 19 – Interior Surface

The pool shell is cleaned and prepped prior to installation of the interior finish. Your step diamonds, step markers, and any mosaics are installed during this step. Perfect Pools of Arizona, LLC crews hand trowel the finish to the pool shell. We offer various finishes and colors ranging from plaster to a very smooth micro pebble finish with outstanding warranties to go along with them. Our finished product has the longest warranty in the industry. Your design consultant will help you choose the color and material from one of the many offered in our showroom.

Step 20 – Pool Fill &Start Up
Your new pool will be filled using your garden hose directly from your home immediately after the acid wash of the interior finish has been completed. This is done the day following the initial application. A typical pool takes 24 – 30 hours to fill.

Perfect Pools of Arizona has full-time startup employees who will perform the programming and set up of your systems and do a “soft start-up”. You will receive personalized instruction at that time as to how to properly operate your pool equipment. Certain chemicals will be added in order to balance the water. Once the pool is ready for salt, should you have the added benefit of a salt system, our crew will add the initial salt needed to turn your pool over to a saltwater pool. Did you forget something about the equipment?? No worries, we are available 7 days a week to help you.


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In-room Dining

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Airport Transfer

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Taxi Service

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